Bilibili Releases “Gede” Digital Art Avatar

On Wednesday, an account named “Bilibili Digital Collection” on the popular Chinese video streaming platform Bilibili announced that 2,333 digital art avatars called “Gede” (鸽德) were officially opened for registration. This means that Bilibili has now joined the wave of issuing digital collections.

The avatars in this series are not for sale. Users at level 6 on the platform, who used Bilibili every day throughout 2021 and can pass real-name authentication are qualified to participate in the activity.

The avatars numbered 101-2100 will be distributed randomly, while the remaining 233 avatars will be reserved by the officials. The restricted access means that this series of digital collections only belongs to the core users of Bilibili.

It is worth noting that Bilibili defines this series of digital collections as “digital art avatar” instead of NFT, which means that it does not have any monetary attributes.

Bilibili made it clear in the feature’s introduction page that they can be used for research, viewing and for social media account photos. The platform also noted that “users have the right to make, sell and publicize other products based on this digital collection,” meaning that owners are endowed with certain commercial rights.

By contrast, the user agreement of “Lingxi,” a digital collection distribution platform of, emphasizes that the intellectual property rights of the digital collections are owned by the issuer and the purchaser cannot use them for commercial purposes without permission.

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As to whether the avatars can be traded, Bilibili said that a transfer function will be unveiled in the near future, and any form of publicity stunt is not encouraged.