CATL Reaches Agreement with European Electric Bus Company Solaris

Chinese battery giant Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) announced on Wednesday that it has reached a deal with Solaris, a leading European electric bus company, to jointly facilitate the electric transformation of European urban transportation.

CATL will provide Solaris bus products with lithium iron phosphate batteries using Cell to Pack (CTP) technology to promote the electrification of buses, and contribute to reducing carbon emissions and overall air pollution in Europe.

CTP technology is characterized by its efficient integration as it integrates a battery cell directly into battery packs without any intermediary module. By using CATL’s CTP technology, the system energy density of battery pack is improved, the manufacturing process simplified, and overall costs lowered. CATL also signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with Thailand Arun Plus Co., Ltd. in May, in which CATL will authorize Arun Plus to use its CTP technology.

Thanks to the long life and high thermal stability of CATL’s lithium iron phosphate battery system, Solaris’ electric buses will see significant improvements in safety and temperature adaptability. Further, since the battery module link in the traditional battery pack is omitted, CTP technology pioneered by CATL can improve the energy density of batteries and the payload of electric buses.

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Headquartered in Poland, Solaris is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of buses and trolleybuses. Involved in the industry for over 25 years, the company has manufactured more than 22,000 vehicles and provided urban transportation services for hundreds of cities across Europe. In 2021, Solaris ranked first in the European zero-emission bus market. The agreement with CATL will help Solaris to further broaden its product range with new battery solutions. At the same time, this cooperation will further improve the global layout of CATL’s commercial business and accelerate the transformation of global business-used vehicle electrification.