Chinese AI Startup SiliconFlow Secures Nearly ¥100 Million in Funding

The AI startup “SiliconFlow” recently completed a nearly hundred million yuan angel + round of financing. This round of financing was led by a well-known industry player, with follow-up investments from companies and institutions such as Zhipu AI, 360, and ShuiMu Tsinghua Alumnt Capital. Existing shareholder Glory Ventures continued to follow up with excess investment, while China Renaissance served as the exclusive financial advisor.

For this round of financing, the founder and CEO Yuan Jinhui said: “Thank you very much to all investors for their trust and support in SiliconFlow. This financing will help us accelerate product innovation, provide developers with accessible AI cloud services, promote the prosperity of AI application layers, and drive the popularization of AGI technology.”

SiliconFlow is a startup company focusing on the field of AI Infra (AI infrastructure), established in August 2023. The founder Yuan Jinhui was the former founder and CEO of OneFlow, and served as a senior researcher at Microsoft Asia Research Institute, winning the Special Award from the Director of Microsoft Asia Research Institute.

In June, SiliconFlow officially launched a new product – the one-stop large-scale API cloud service platform SiliconCloud, which brings together many mainstream large models such as Qwen2 under Alibaba‘s Tongyi model, GLM-4 under Zhipu AI, DeepSeek V2 series open source models under High-Flyer Quant, and text-to-image models SDXL, SDXL Lightning, PhotoMaker, InstantID etc.

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