Chinese Self-Driving Start-up QCraft Completes Seed Funding Round

Chinese self-driving company QCraft has raised tens of millions of US dollars in a seed funding round from IDG Capital, Vision+ Capital and Tide Capital, the company said in a statement Friday.

Founded in 2019, QCraft is providing its partners with practical solutions for business applications covering a wide range of use cases in complex urban environments.

Different from the traditional roadmap of autonomous driving companies, QCraft is taking a unique approach to making self-driving cars fully autonomous. Their “large-scale intelligent simulation system” can generate a huge amount of real scenario data, so the company can learn from various situations in the simulation scenarios and seek optimal motion planning and decision-making to ensure the safety of the driving experience.

QCraft’s team consists of top researchers and engineers from some of the world’s leading self-driving companies with finely honed skills from all aspects of key self-driving technologies, including perception, simulation, motion planning, sensor, and vehicle systems.