Detailed Plans of 5G Deployment in Beijing Winter Olympics Have Just Been Released

China Unicom, the country’s second-largest telecom carrier announced on August 10 that it will provide integrated ultra-fast fifth-generation (5G) solutions for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

China Unicom has launched the first 5G scale trials in 16 Chinese cities including Beijing and Zhangjiakou, the two hosting cities of the Winter Olympics. Beijing is set to be the key city for its nationwide deployment of 5G trial network. The announcement comes with detailed deployment plans of how 5G technology will be applied during Winter Olympics in the city.

China Unicom is official partner of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.
China Unicom is official partner of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.

The 5G smart solutions will be found in self-driving shuttle bus, photo booth in media zone, instant uploading of video and virtual reality (VR). 5G-powered information and communication technology will also cover aspects of life in the Olympic village where all participating athletes, officials and athletic trainers reside in during the game period.

Transportation coordination such as vehicle dispatch and route planning will be made smarter due to Internet of Things(IoT) – the main use case of 5G technology – as well as big data analytical capabilities. There will be special lanes for self-driving cars for Olympic use, and the full length of Beijing-Zhangjiakou, as well as Bejing-Yanjing highway will be 5G-covered.

Beijing 2022 partner club launch ceremony.
Beijing 2022 partner club launch ceremony. Image source: China Unicom website.

Social media will too benefit from the new technology. Spectators and athletes will be able to enjoy a ultra-fast streaming speed of high-quality video and image content through China Unicom “4G+5G+ Gigabit broadband network” services during the Winter Olympics.

5G promises a data processing speed 100 times faster than its predecessor, fourth-generation (4G) LTE. With this core infrastructure network, next-generation technologies like autonomous vehicles, smart cities, IoT and VR & AR will be greatly adopted.