DiDi Partners with NVIDIA for Autonomous Driving and Cloud Computing

On December 18, DiDi and NVIDIA announced a cooperation agreement. Didi will use NVIDIA’s technology to develop autonomous driving and cloud computing solutions.

The company plans to use GPUs in the data center to train machine learning algorithms, as well as the Nvidia Drive platform for inference on Level 4 autonomous vehicles.

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DiDi will also be deploying Nvidia AI in the DiDi Cloud, using Nvidia technology for internal use cases, such as traffic and monitoring applications. DiDi is also launching virtual GPU cloud servers for cloud rendering, computing and gaming.

As part of the centralized AI processing of DiDi’s autonomous vehicles, NVIDIA DRIVE enables data to be fused from all types of sensors (cameras, lidar, radar, etc.) using numerous deep neural networks (DNNs) to understand the 360-degree environment surrounding the car and plan a safe path forward.

“Developing safe autonomous vehicles requires end-to-end AI, in the cloud and in the car,” said Rishi Dhall, vice president of Autonomous Vehicles at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA AI will enable DiDi to develop safer, more efficient transportation systems and deliver a broad range of cloud services.”

Delivering 10 billion passenger trips per year, DiDi is working toward the safe, large-scale application of autonomous driving technology, leveraging its own technology capacities, data resources and open collaboration with tech leaders and OEM partners.