Faraday Future Founder Responds to Former Employees’ Lawsuits Over Sales Practices

Faraday Future founder, Jia Yueting, has recently responded to a legal dispute involving two former employees, Jose Guerrero and Victoria Xie, who filed complaints and lawsuits in the Los Angeles Superior Court on April 10th. The employees have accused the company, along with Jia Yueting and HR director Nan Yang, of wrongful termination, breach of contract, and emotional distress.

At the core of the dispute are allegations of dishonesty in sales announcements made by Faraday Future. Guerrero and Xie claim that the company had been misleading in its sales practices, specifically by prematurely declaring vehicle deliveries before full payments were received. Despite Faraday Future’s assertion of delivering 10 cars throughout 2023, it has been revealed that three out of four buyers had not made complete payments, and the fourth buyer only paid over 60 days after the sale announcement.

In response to these allegations, Jia Yueting has vehemently denied the accusations, labeling the lawsuit as containing false statements and defamation. He has characterized the legal action as a form of retaliation and extortion and has expressed his intention to counter-sue the former employees.

Notably, shortly after Victoria Xie submitted the complaint letter, she was promptly dismissed by Jia Yueting and the HR director. Similarly, Jose Guerrero faced dismissal on January 18th, adding another layer of complexity to the ongoing legal battle between the parties involved. The unfolding events highlight the escalating tensions and legal intricacies surrounding the Faraday Future controversy.

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