Xiaomi Flagship Opens in Shenzhen as White MIX2 Arrives Early

The world’s first Xiaomi flagship store opened on November 5 in Mixc Shopping Mall, Shenzhen. Lei Jun, founder and chairman of Xiaomi, was present at the ceremony with 11 Xiaomi partners and Xiaomi President Lin Bin.

Lei wore sunglasses, a sport coat, jeans and white loafers. His presence was welcomed by cheering fans. He said at the event that running a flagship store was the same as making a product to showcase the Xiaomi experience. The white full-ceramic MIX2, originally scheduled for sale on November 15, was released for sale at the opening ceremony on November 5.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun

The Xiaomi flagship store, covering an area of 650 square meters, is the largest Xiaomi home to date. The company spent nine months selecting the location and preparing the opening. A team from Eight Inc handled the visual design.

The flagship has white interior decor and concrete flooring, combining industrial science and technology with family life. There are two levels: a ground floor where Xiaomi fans can test out mobile phones, TV sets, intelligent hardwares and other main MI products; and a second floor for smart home and lifestyle products.

All the tables in Xiaomi‘s flagship store follow an industrial design with concrete materials. The indoor lighting system can adjust the scenes to four lighting levels, which helps the environment and creates a better experience for users, a spokesperson for the company said.

MI Home is Xiaomi‘s exploration of new retail opportunities, based on its core production of mobile phones and expanding to TVs, routers, AI speakers and eco-chain enterprises. “If the phone sells well, it will drive Xiaomi retail sales and other categories of sales,” Lei said. Lei advised consumers not to visit MI Home stores on weekends, when they are too crowded.

According to the latest data, the number of customers to visit the MI Home store reached 15.7 million on August 28. Sales of Xiaomi products in a single MI Home store was 5.19 million yuan and sales per square meter was 270,000 yuan, making it second in the world. MI Home has 228 retail locations nationwide and plans to open another 1,000 stores in the next two years.

In an interview with ifeng.com, Lei said the company has finished its blueprints for MI Home and is ready to expand its trade volume next year.

This article originally appeared in ifeng Technology and was translated by Pandaily.