Great Wall Motor’s WEY Unveils Mocca DHT-PHEV Lidar Version

On August 26, the brand-new Mocca DHT-PHEV lidar version of WEY, a sub-brand of Great Wall Motor, made its debut at the Chengdu Motor Show. RoboSense, a smart lidar sensor system developer, joined hands with automated driving company Haomo.AI and Qualcomm to create NOH (Navigation on HPilot) for WEY.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 1.5T engine and drive motors, in which the maximum power of the engine is 115kW, and the maximum power of the front/rear drive motors is 135kW.

In terms of hardware, the new car is equipped with 2 lidars, 12 cameras, 5 millimeter wave radars and 12 ultrasonic radars, and adopts the Snapdragon Ride platform manufactured with the Qualcomm 5 nm process.

The Snapdragon Ride features scalable and fully customizable SoC platforms and Snapdragon Vision products. As a scalable, low-power and high-performance platform, Snapdragon Ride supports a full spectrum of ADAS/AD functionality, from entry-tier New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) front camera applications through higher levels of automation requiring front and surround-view camera applications.

With full-dimensional perception and a large computing power chip, the Mocca DHT-PHEV lidar version is able to execute main functions such as automatic lane changes and overtaking other vehicles, traffic light recognition and vehicle control, and navigation through complex intersection traffic conditions.

Data shows that the mileage of WEY users’ assisted driving has exceeded 15 million km, and the coverage rate of core urban scenarios has exceeded 90%. The learning time of the assisted driving system has exceeded 300,000 hours, providing powerful data support for the application of urban NOH.

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Mocca DHT-PHEV lidar version’s urban NOH function will be available in Beijing and Baoding, Hebei Province. Before the end of this year, urban NOH is expected to cover more than 10 cities.

Qiao Xinyu, deputy general manager of WEY, said: “In the era of intelligent new energy vehicle, WEY has relied on the long-life intelligent DHT system to enter the market in the first half of this year, and will seek more opportunities through its advanced driving assistance system.”