HTC Releases the Flagship U12+ Phone at an Unexpected Price

On May 23, HTC unveiled its first flagship phone of the year, the HTC U12 Plus.

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In terms of appearance, the HTC U12 Plus has ultra-thin bezels on the front and a more artistic 3D “liquid surface” design at the back. The entire phone is made out of customized Corning Gorilla Glass and there are three color options: Translucent Blue, Flame Red and Ceramic Black.

source: digital trends

The translucent back cover seems more apparent in the Translucent Blue model than the former U11 Plus Translucent Blue version. Users can further appreciate the beauty of the internal structure of the mobile phone, coupled with the sky-like blue liquid surface glass, HTC U12 Plus will surely redefine user’s understanding of “mobile phone aesthetics”.

This translucent look is really special. Would it be a new hit? We still need to wait and see.

In terms of fingerprint recognition, it honestly looked there were two fingerprint sensor at the back at first glance. The second fingerprint sensor seems to have a similar layout as last year’s Samsung S8?

At a closer look, it became obvious that that is actually a cellphone component. There is only one fingerprint sensor and the illusion comes from the transparent glass.

The Flame Red this time is slightly different than HTC’s previous red colors. It is a deep and restrained type of red, but with a change of light and angle, it shows different gradation colors, which is very attractive. The Ceramic Black has an excellent texture, different angles also showcases the artistic beauty of the glass incisively and vividly.

source: the verge

Body length: about 156.6mm
Body width: about 73.9mm
Body thickness: about 8.7 mm – 9.7mm (including camera height)
Body weight: about 188g

First look at the specifications:

Screen pixel density of 537 ppi, DCI-P3 wide color gamut.

Speaking of configurations, HTC U12 Plus adopted a 6-inch WQHD+ 1440 x 2880 Super LCD display, equipped with Snapgragon 845 processor as well as a 2.8GHz CPU and the Adreno 630 GPU. It is available in 6GB of RAM, with 64GB or 128GB storage options and a 3,500mAh battery capacity.

In terms of cameras, HTC U12 Plus has a dual-lens 12MP and 16MP rear camera, supporting phase detection, laser-assisted autofocus, and a 2x optical zoom.

source: the verge

In the front, HTC U12 Plus has a dual-lens 8MP plus 8MP front-facing camera with beautification model and facial recognition function.

In terms of function, HTC U12 Plus is equipped with Edge Sense frame touch 2.0, which realizes different operations by squeezing, holding, and double-tapping the frame to quickly complete the task startup. The battery capacity is 3500mAh with a rated capacity of 3420mAh, and the network talk time is up to 23.8 hours. In addition, HTC U12 Plus also features the Boom Sound dual speakers with intelligent active noise reduction technology, and is said to “refresh your expectations for sound effects.”

With regards to HTC‘s audio performance, they have never let us down.

For its camera abilities, DxOMark has given a score of 106 to HTC U12 Plus’s photo, and a score of 95 to its video. With a overall score of 103 in camera review, HTC U12 Plus ranks second only behind the Huawei P20 Pro.

iPhone: what do you looking at?

Samsung: Why is he still there?

DxOMark said that the camera of HTC U12 Plus has significantly improved compared to its predecessor. HTC U12 Plus performed quite well as it achieved a score of 106 in photo, thanks to outstanding performance for color and autofocus, as well as very good results for artifacts, flash, zoom, and bokeh.

source: the verge

Specifically, The HTC U12 Plus captures stunning images outdoors or in bright light conditions, recording a good range of tones, neutral white balance, and well-rendered hues that are bold, but not overly saturated.The auto HDR feature kicks in fairly consistently when required to capture more detail in the brightest and darkest tonal regions.

It’s not perfect: opportunities for improvement include HDR exposures, which display slightly limited dynamic range compared to those from the best flagship competitors; noise is also visible in low light; and although zoom shots are excellent at 2x using the telephoto lens, details are lost at longer ranges.

In general, the HTC U12+ performed well at several key points. For example, there are highlights in performance, photographing, and exclusive features.

The most concerned issue: the price

In terms of price, the HTC U12+ 64GB is priced at US$799, and the 128GB version is priced at US$849.

That is the HTC style.

This article originally appeared in kejimeixue and was translated by Pandaily.