Huawei Establishes Smart Car Solutions Business Unit

Huawei has officially announced the establishment of its new department working on smart car solutions for vehicle manufacturers.

According to the Chinese technology giant’s internal document, the newly formed department will operate under the ICT Management Committee, and offer end-to-end smart mobility solutions including information and communication technology (ICT) equipment and applications to car manufacturers.

The move came as the recent pressure on the company’s global telecommunications business was amplified following the trade ban imposed by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

ren zhengfei huawei ceo and founder
Ren zhengfei huawei ceo (Source: Huawei)

The company founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei, believes that automobile networking, artificial intelligence, and edge computing will be three major breakthroughs for Huawei in the future. He pointed out that it is necessary to pour in additional investment in the field of smart car connections, computing, and autonomous driving.

“Huawei will not make cars in the future, but will instead focus on ICT technology to help car manufacturers produce better cars,” said Xu Zhijun, deputy chairman and rotating chairman of Huawei.

Xu Zhijun, deputy chairman and rotating chairman of Huawei
Xu Zhijun, deputy chairman and rotating chairman of Huawei (Source: Sina)

The company has appointed Wang Jun, who previously served in Huawei’s Japanese Carrier Business Unit, as the president of the newly established business unit.

In terms of organizational structure, the new business unit will be treated as a first-level department alongside the company’s other business groups. Huawei currently has three major business groups: Consumer, Enterprise, and Carrier Business Group. It also has two major business units, namely its Cloud & AI Products, Services, and now the new additional Smart Car Solution Business Unit.

Huawei has already established several strategic partnerships with vehicle manufacturers around the globe including SAIC Motor, Audi, Volvo, BYD and many more, and has been actively involved in the research and development of smart vehicle applications, 5G connections and more.

Featured Image Source: elecfans