IoT PaaS Provider Dudu Huandian Completes 40 Million Yuan Financing

Dudu Huandian, an IoT PaaS service provider, has recently completed two rounds of financing, totaling 40 million yuan ($5.95 million). Duan Liping led the financing, and Lu Xiaochen from PreIPO Capital followed.

Dudu Huandian was founded in 2018 and is an innovative enterprise that integrates IOT software and hardware development along with design and brand operation. It is also the first enterprise that provides PaaS services for safe community power exchanges of electric bicycles in China. It is dedicated to creating a safe, convenient and fashionable lifestyle of electric bicycle power exchange travel.

Through IoT, Dudu Huandian has brought together electric bicycles, batteries and power exchange cabinets and created the first community safety power exchange platform for electric bicycles with both software and hardware solutions in China.

In terms of hardware performance, Dudu Huandian detects the battery cell data in real time through its intelligent cloud platform. Also, it adopts high-performance lithium battery and self-researched BMS battery management system, which greatly enhances the battery life and safety, and realizes “one minute of battery change, 100 miles of riding”. In addition, the 5G Beidou positioning function can effectively prevent the theft of electric bicycles.

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Since its initial trial operations began, Dudu Huandian has expanded its network to more than 1,200 outlets in various communities in Shenzhen, with more than 8,000 registered members and an average of more than 2,000 power refills per day.

By now, Dudu Huandian has expanded its power exchange cabinets and shared rechargeable batteries to more than 30 countries and regions around the world. Its self-developed shared rechargeable battery SaaS platform has served more than 100 brands, with a platform market share of 80%, a service user base of more than 60 million people, and a cumulative transaction amount of more than 200 million yuan.

In the future, Dudu Huandian will build on products such as electric bicycle power exchange cabinets and shared rechargeable batteries, and continue to research and develop mechanical structure, IoT, built-in devices, cloud services and other technologies. The company aims to grow into a worldwide provider of comprehensive services for power exchange and travel.