Leaked Photo Shows BYD’s New Off-Road Vehicle

A photo of the interior of BYD’s new high-end off-road vehicle was recently exposed on the Chinese web, appearing different from the models currently sold by the firm. The central control screen’s design style is very unique, and a large touch screen can be seen, without adopting the suspension design commonly used by BYD’s current vehicle lines.

The interior of BYD’s new high-end off-road vehicle (Source: Autohome)

In addition, the car has a big LCD dashboard, and its air conditioner vent is shown on the central control screen. It seems to be worthy of its identity as a hard-core off-road vehicle.

According to photos leaked previously and official news released by BYD, the new model is expected to be positioned similar to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class model, focusing on high-end vehicles. It is estimated that its height is over 1800mm, and its body length is also very considerable. The large rear windows imply that the luggage compartment is also quite big.

(Source: Weibo user “Yan Chuang”)

Spy photos show that the car adopts a rear-mounted spare tire, and the trunk door is expected to open sideways. The shape of the car body is relatively square, and the rear clearance also seems quite high.

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In May this year, Li Yunfei, the general manager of BYD’s branding and public relations department, announced that the price range of the first model of BYD’s high-end brand will be 0.8 million yuan to 1.5 million yuan ($118,387 – $221,975), and it is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of this year. The line will have new and independent branding, products, sales service network and operation team.

Li also said that BYD’s passenger car business consists of the Dynasty series, Ocean series, Denza and a high-end brand. Except for Denza, which is a joint venture between BYD and Mercedes-Benz, other sub-brands are all wholly owned by BYD.

byd tang ev
BYD Tang EV (Source: BYD)