New OnePlus 6 Photo Leak: Top Notch Design with Snapdragon 845 + 8GB RAM

The Xiaomi MIX 2S is currently the only Chinese phone using the Snapdragon 845 processor. However, OnePlus 6, Vivo APEX, and Xiaomi 7 are all confirmed to be on their way. In addition, the Nubia Z18 and OPPO Find series are also expected to hit the market this year.

After revealing OnePlus 6’s notch design and its configuration of Snapdragon 845 processor with 8G of RMB and 256GB of storage, the Dutch media techtastic published what seems to real photos of the new OnePlus 6.

The screen above shows AIDA64’s recognition of the CPU, which reconfirms its use of the Snapdragon 845 processor.

In terms of its appearance, a horizontal receiver can be seen at the top, which is consistent with the official rendering released by The Verge. Not surprisingly, the sensor is on the left, with a front camera on the right. Of course, the notification light remains on the notch.

The bottom of the bezel is nearly as narrow as the sides, giving it an extremely high screen-to-body ratio.

Its size is said to have increased to 6.28 inches, making one-handed operations less easy, unless using hand gestures with the navigation bar to operate of course.

It is reported that OnePlus 6 will also be equipped with a rear fingerprint scanner and dual cameras of 20 MP + 16 MP with F/1.7 aperture.

There are signs that the cheapest model and the most expensive model of the OnePlus 6 will both increase in price from previous models, and it is very possible that they will exceed 4,000 yuan ($635).

This article originally appeared in ifeng and was translated by Pandaily.