Newsletter: How Social Media is Ruining Our Lives

Here’s this week’s roundup of China tech stories.

If your soul can be split into several parts, then every social app is a vessel for a piece of your soul, a Horcrux, for those of you who’s read the Harry Potter series. In this internet era, we tend to present different personalities on different social platforms. The real you is already hidden behind several layers of filters and editing. It’s worth it to examine how social media is ruining our lives.

In 2018, many Chinese tech companies expanded their overseas markets. With the help of data collected by Pandata, Pandaily lists the 10 most significant strategic moves made by Chinese companies last year.

The e-commerce law which came into effect on January 1st was a huge slap in the face to small and mid-size e-commerce merchants. Small Wechat vendors could end up having to pay fines of up to 2 million yuan.

On Jan. 3 at 10:26AM (2:26AM GMT), China has inaugurated a new chapter in lunar exploration history. The China National Space Administration (CNSA) landed Chang’e 4, a robotic probe, in an unexplored crater on the moon’s surface on the far side.

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Chang'e 4

Chang’e 4 Makes Historical Landing on Far Side of Moon


Water Cube for Beijing Winter Olympic

Ice Cube Renovated for 2022 Winter Olympics

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Market Briefings

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New Releases

Honor Play 8A smartphone

Honor Play 8A Launched with “Pearl” Bezel-less Display


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