OnePlus and Google Release Crackables, a Series of Crypto-Challenge Games

On Monday Sept. 17, OnePlus and Google co-released a limited-time puzzle game competition named “Crackables”. The winner will receive a grand prize worth a whopping $30,000. The game can only be played online on mobile devices and it represents the partnership between the two companies.

With the recent decision to break into the Smart TV market, OnePlus is quickly expanding its business into different areas of smart technology applications. The cooperation with Google is an indication that the company is looking to venture into new fields beyond smartphones and smart TVs in the future.

OnePlus Crackables
OnePlus Crackables

Crackables, written by Sleep Deprivation Lab, is a series of compelling puzzles that need a combination of skill and speed to complete. Players will be guided through a series of puzzles, both digital and physical, in order to advance. Only the first 1000 people to make it through the first 3 challenges will receive the microcontroller to continue and qualify to become a potential winner.

OnePlus collaborated with Google Asia-Pacific ZOO, a creative team that works with brands and agencies to help unlock the potential of Google’s platforms and technology. The ZOO team developed the concept of Crackables and worked with award-winning digital production company Unit 9 on the game design and puzzle mechanics, using Google’s Dialogflow, a conversational platform powered by machine learning, to create a virtual chatbot “host”.

The company’s commitment to providing a fast and smooth user experience has helped to create the perfect platform for mobile gamers. As one of the few smartphone companies who offer up to 8 GB of RAM, OnePlus appeals to power users at both hardware and software levels.

OnePlus Gaming
an ultimate gaming setup of $30,000 -credit to OnePlus

According to OnePlus, there will be opportunities to win prizes at multiple stages in the game, but only one winner will be awarded the grand prize, an ultimate gaming setup, valued at $30,000. In addition to the grand prize, there will be many other mysterious prizes awarded to second and third place winners.

Sleep Deprivation Lab was founded by Christian Cantamessa, an award-winning game designer and filmmaker. With its roster of experienced creators, the company provides writing, directing, and producing services for films, comic books, virtual reality and video games.

The Crackables Challenge was written by Davidson Cole. Davidson is an alumnus of the Sundance Film Festival (DESIGN, 2002) and has written scripts for tabletop and video games for over two decades. He has written several sci-fi/fantasy/horror universes including the classic cyberpunk setting Shadowrun, F.E.A.R. and most recently Eclipse Phase. Davidson has been a Sleep Deprivation Lab collaborator since 2015.