OPPO Announces Plans to Enter Japanese Market

OPPO announced its intent to enter the Japanese market with its full-screen handset, the OPPO R11s, at a press conference in Tokyo on January 31. The handset is expected to improve photo experience for Japanese consumers. The SIM Free smartphone supports Japan’s major carriers and will be available at Bic Camera and Yodobashi on February 9.

From left to right: Mr. Kōno, board member of OPPO Japan, Deng Yuchen, CEO of OPPO Japan, and Japanese photographer, Mr. Tanaka.

“Entering the Japanese market is a crucial step in bringing OPPO into the global market,” said Deng Yuchen, CEO of OPPO Japan. “OPPO is good at mining and meeting the core needs of consumers, and has accumulated rich experience in overseas markets. We believe it can win recognition in the Japanese market. In the future, we will learn from Japanese consumer electronics, and will adhere to the high-quality goods strategy and localized operation. OPPO is dedicated to bringing Japanese consumers leading technology and aesthetic smartphones.”

In November 2017, OPPO set up a subsidiary in Japan to cultivate a local team capable of penetrating the Japanese market. It focuses on localized operations and utilizes OPPO’s experience in overseas markets. In order to help OPPO become a top mobile phone brand. At the same time, It also set up a research and development center in Japan, focused on the development and exploration of mobile imaging technology.

OPPO announced its global layout in 2009 and entered the Thai market in April of that year, beginning its international expansion. At present, OPPO’s mobile phone business has entered 30 national and regional markets, including China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania. OPPO has maintained high growth in markets such as southeast Asia and India. At the same time, OPPO has set up six research centers around the world, located in Silicon Valley, Japan, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Dongguan, driving the healthy and rapid development of enterprises.

This article originally appeared in Tencent Tech and was translated by Pandaily.