OPPO to Release R15 with Self-Developed Special Shaped Screen

On March 2, OPPO unveiled teaser images of the R15 on Weibo. Photos of this new OPPO smartphone had sparked lively online discussions.

From the image, the OPPO R15 looks different from the R11, as it uses a special-shaped screen allowing for a high screen-to-body ratio.

Rumors that OPPO will release a special-shaped screen has been circulating. OPPO had applied for special-shaped screen patents as early as January 2017, and obtained state authorization that September. OPPO’s application and authorization timing was three months earlier than Apple’s. From the teaser image, the R15 seems to adopt “design 5” from OPPO special-shaped screen patents. This is OPPO’s first special-shaped handset, released much earlier than other manufacturers.

According to International Data Corporation, OPPO sold 111.8 million handsets globally in 2017, ranking second place in China and the fourth in the world. Relying on the Chinese market, OPPO gradually expands its influence to the world.

Currently, OPPO has six major research and development centers in the world, and has offices in more than 30 overseas markets. Recently, OPPO entered developed markets such as Japan. The OPPO R15 is not only attracting Chinese users and media, but is bound to become the focus for overseas consumers and media.

This article originally appeared in Tencent Tech and was translated by Pandaily.