Pinduoduo Joins Forces with Dairy Giant Yili to Create “Transparent Factory Traceability”

Yili Group, the largest dairy company in China, officially joined Pinduoduo’s “Mother and Baby Product Traceability” campaign.

The “billion-dollar subsidies” live broadcast landed on the Yili sample production plant on Sept. 22, with over 600,000 Pinduoduo netizens watching the traceability live broadcast, which directly drove the Yili Gold Crown series of milk powder sales to increase nearly 3 times.

As the industry leader, Yili Group has been the number one dairy company in Asia for six consecutive years and is among the top five dairy companies in the world.

On Sept. 22, in the “billion-dollar subsidies” live broadcast, the staff explained the stringent standards of Yili milk powder production. (Photo by Mu Gong)

CAI Hongzhe, senior manager of Yili Group, said in a live broadcast, “Pinduoduo is the fastest-growing e-commerce platform in terms of user scale, and Yili is a large dairy company with a complete product line. The two sides jointly built a traceability mechanism, which is a ‘double insurance’ for new parents. “

“Seeing the source” dispels Chinese mothers’ anxiety

 The staff explains the production process of milk powder
The staff explains the production process of milk powder (Photo by Mu Gong)

The production process of Yili displayed in the live broadcast, also let the baby mothers have praise. The staff introduced that each can of milk powder before reaching consumers, would be through the purchase inspection, process inspection and factory inspection and other hundreds of closed-loop testing procedures, to ensure quality. Yili spends up to 300 million yuan a year on testing.

“Currently, one out of every six Chinese babies is having Yili’s Golden Crown. We are both front-line milk powder workers and parents of children, we are not only producing good milk powder for my children, but also for the children of the whole country. This special responsibility and love is the same as other parents.” Said CAI Hongzhe, speaking from his heart.

On Sept. 22, “billion-dollar subsidies” live broadcast showed that staff at the Yili Dairy Museum introduced the history of dairy culture, explaining how everyone’s favorite milk tea was first born. (Photo by Mu Gong)

“The Yili traceability live broadcast allows Yili’s high quality to be ‘seen’ by 700 million users, and Pinduoduo will also build a traceability system jointly with more quality brands to establish ‘double insurance’.” Lu Yuan, Mother and Child Product Manager of Pinduoduo, said.

Pinduoduo joins hands with Chinese milk powder giant to set new benchmark for traceability

“Domestic milk powder is locally produced, after all, and may be closer to the nutritional needs of local babies.” Ms. ZHU, who is a loyal fan of domestic milk powder in Beijing after watching the live broadcast, said.

Since April of this year, Yili stationed in the sparring, sales have been soaring, achieving an average month-on-month growth of more than 75%.

“It is very respectable for Yili to win the recognition of China’s dairy industry from its global peers with high-quality products, and the platform will fully support the development of domestic premium milk powder brands like Yili,” Lu Yuan said.