Volkswagen and Vivo Collaborate to Create A Mobile x Mobility Fusion Joint Innovative Lab

On November 3rd, CARIAD China, the Chinese subsidiary of software company CARIAD under Volkswagen Group, announced the establishment of the “Mobile x Mobility Fusion Joint Innovative Lab” (abbreviated as M Lab) in collaboration with vivo, a leading smartphone manufacturer in China. This partnership aims to leverage CARIAD’s research and development capabilities in software-hardware integration and mobility products, along with vivo’s expertise and experience in distinctive products and application ecosystems within the smartphone industry. The focus will be on innovative connectivity between smartphones and smart vehicles, aiming to provide consumers with a seamless and continuous digital intelligent mobility experience.

According to the plan, this collaboration is based on CARIAD China’s local innovation research and development center “Forward! Lab” as a platform, focusing on the related software and hardware of intelligent connected vehicles, remote information service platforms, and intelligent mobility services. The two parties have been engaged in continuous research and development cooperation in multiple sub-fields, including bidirectional synchronization and integration of human-machine interaction interfaces between smartphones and smart cars, integration and sharing of user data inside the vehicle, seamless connection and smooth flow of intelligent applications inside and outside the vehicle, as well as resource sharing between smartphones and smart cars such as hardware resources and sensors. This promotes the continuous iteration and upgrade of hand-car integration technology. The collaboration has achieved preliminary results so far, including “Gamebase,” which provides users with an immersive gaming cockpit experience by leveraging the computational power and ecosystem of smartphones along with vehicle features such as space availability, large screens, air conditioning systems; “Touch&Go,” which enables convenient access to vehicle information through custom smartphone interface widgets along with rich vehicle status information and flexible control functions. In addition to these achievements, both parties are jointly exploring areas such as HMI human-machine interaction fusion, data & computational power fusion,and large-scale modeling.

CARIAD China’s Chief Technology Officer, Sun Wei, said: “With the acceleration of automotive intelligence, diverse and personalized user demands are driving the integration between smartphones and smart cars. By collaborating with local leading technology partners, CARIAD China will further enhance its self-developed capabilities in the field of intelligent connectivity, better integrate self-developed innovative products into the local digital ecosystem, and truly achieve collaborative innovation ‘in China, for China’.”

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Vice President of vivo, Zhou Wei, stated: “As of now, vivo’s smart car system has successfully covered 160 million mobile phone users. This year, vivo officially launched the BlueLM, which will further promote the expansion and upgrading of travel ecosystem scenes. We firmly believe in the concept that ‘going alone may be fast, but going together can go further.’ With an open and collaborative ecological philosophy, vivo continues to contribute to the progress and development of the entire industry. In the future, vivo will also collaborate with CARIAD China to explore more applications for integrating BlueLM with Mobile x Mobility interactions, bringing innovation in interaction, efficiency, and services for travel users.”

The R&D team of M Lab is composed of local talents from CARIAD China and vivo, with rich research and development experience, dedicated to responding to and meeting the needs of Chinese consumers at a faster pace. In the future, both parties will continuously explore new business cooperation directions in the field of Mobile x Mobility Fusion, relying on artificial intelligence learning capabilities and data models to achieve seamless connectivity in multi-device scenarios, continuously leading the upgrade of automotive digital products and services.