Xiaomi: Dismisses 3 Employees Spreading False Information, Will Never Hire Them Again

On December 19th, a spokesperson from Xiaomi Company released a statement titled ‘Declaration Regarding Malicious Leaks and Rumors about Xiaomi Cars.’ It stated that recently, there have been numerous malicious leaks and false rumors circulating online regarding Xiaomi cars. In response to this, we hereby make the following declaration:

On December 17, 2023, employees of the media company ‘ZAKER’, Mr. Bao and Mr. Guan from ‘Xiao Bai Car Purchase’, intentionally leaked confidential filming content without permission, despite having signed a confidentiality agreement and being aware of the obligations and penalties associated with it.

According to the investigation conducted by Xiaomi Group’s confidentiality management team, the two individuals mentioned above have admitted to violating their confidentiality obligations. After communicating with their affiliated media, we will hold both individuals and their affiliated media accountable for the breach of confidentiality in accordance with the relevant clauses of the signed ‘Confidentiality Commitment Letter,’ including but not limited to public apologies and fines.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi Group has confirmed that in November and December 2023, three former employees of the Xiaomi Automotive Division participated without permission in external securities firms and investment institutions’ so-called ‘Xiaomi Automotive Seminars,’ under the pretext of receiving ‘consulting fees.’ They fabricated and disseminated a large amount of incorrect and false information, seriously misleading the market and disrupting the normal operation of Xiaomi Automotive business.

The three employees mentioned above, namely Mr. Yu (former employee of the Electrical Control Systems and Software Team), Mr. Shi (former employee of the Stamping Casting Technology Team), and Mr. Zhang (former employee of the Mass Production Quality Team), have seriously violated the ‘Xiaomi Group Employee Code of Conduct’ and their confidentiality obligations as stipulated by the company. Xiaomi Group has terminated their employment, will never rehire them, and will pursue legal responsibilities according to law.

At the same time, Xiaomi Group reserves the right to hold securities firms and investment institutions accountable for organizing related activities.

For malicious leaks, spreading rumors and false information, Xiaomi Group will pursue legal actions to the end.

Thank you all for your attention, concern, and support for Xiaomi‘s car.

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