Xiaomi Eco-Chain Opens 2017 Data: Sales Up 100%

Xiaomi eco-chain released its 2017 annual data on December 29, demonstrating sales in excess of 20 billion yuan – up 100 percent from 2016.

This is a good result for the Mi Home. Two market research institutions, IDC and Strategy Analytics, reported the market share of Xiaomi wearable devices in 2017 was the largest and it continues to grow in spite of a bad market environment. Xiaomi‘s eco-chain products all performed well during the 2017 JD.com 618, T-mall Double 11 Festival and other promotional activities, the company said.

In addition to sales data, Xiaomi eco-chain also made other achievements in 2017. For instance, eco-chain products won three major industrial design awards, namely the iF Golden Prize, Good Design Best 100 and Red Dot Award for Best of the Best.

At the Xiaomi IoT Developer Conference on November 28, founder and chairman Lei Jun said Xiaomi IoT platform had more than 85 million pieces, more than 10 million active units each day and more than 400 partners. It has become the world’s largest smart IoT hardware platform. Lei said the next step for Xiaomi IoT is to fully open its developer program. In 2018, Xiaomi‘s eco-chain is likely to expand to new areas.