Xiaomi Expands to US Market with Five Products on Amazon

Xiaomi is bringing new products to the US market, TechWeb reported on November 20. Its new offerings on Amazon.com include two headsets, a 10,000 mAh portable power bank, a 360-degree panoramic camera and a sweeping robot.

Xiaomi is slowly bringing its products to the US. The company currently has an Android TV set-top box and Mi TV for sale in American Wal-Marts. Previously, Xiaomi launched several products – a fitness tracker, battery and headset – on its online store for sale to the US. All sold out within 30 minutes.

The Xiaomi battery pack and 360-degree camera on Amazon are currently suspended from sale, and the two headphones won’t begin selling until November 24. Assuming everyone in the US needs headphones, and if everyone has a desire to buy Xiaomi, these too will sell out. The Xiaomi plug headset is priced $129.99, and the professional in-ear earphone are priced $25.99.

This article originally appeared in TechWeb and was translated by Pandaily.