Xiaomi Youpin Integrates China Region’s Retail Business

Tech Planet reported on Tuesday that on November 12th, in an internal correspondence, Xiaomi announced the integration of its independent e-commerce platform, Xiaomi Youpin, and China Region’s retail business. Xiaomi Youpin and Xiaomi Mall will no longer be independently run nor follow different operating policies, but will now jointly work towards Xiaomi‘s overall retail goals instead.

Xiaomi confirmed the news and responded “after the integration, Xiaomi Youpin and Xiaomi Mall still target different consumer groups, and their business forms and audiences remain unchanged.”

Xiaomi Youpin is a new lifestyle e-commerce platform under Xiaomi. It is engaged in life consumer goods relying on Xiaomi‘s ecological chain system and the Xiaomi model. The platform was launched in 2017. At present, its business covers major consumer goods such as household items, daily use, kitchen, household appliances, smart devices, audio and video, clothing and travel.

After the announcement, Bai Fang, former General Manager of Xiaomi Youpin, and Shang Jin, Vice President of Xiaomi and Head of Regional Management Department of China Region, reported to Lu Weibing, President of Xiaomi China.

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Regarding organizational structure and personnel adjustment, this is a significant change in Xiaomi‘s retail channel since Gao Ziguang, former Vice President of Xiaomi and General Manager of First Sales Department of China Region, left in September.

Gao was the founding person in charge of Xiaomi Youpin, and spent two years leading the platform, achieving a turnover of over 10 billion yuan. He was later appointed as the head of retail department in Xiaomi China, while also managing Xiaomi Mall and Mi Home. On September 30th, Gao Ziguang left his post in a sudden announcements and Shang Jin took over his position.