XPeng Motors’ Sub-Brand MONA First Car Rear Spy Photos Exposed

On May 27th, blogger SugarDesign released a real photo of the rear end of XPeng Motors’ sub-brand MONA’s first model. The new car in the picture has a simple and smooth design without too many embellishments, with unique hammer-shaped tail lights on both sides.

(Source: Weibo)

In the license plate frame under the trunk, there is the official name or internal code of the car printed, but due to limited clarity in spy photos, only the words ‘想(Xiang)’ and ’03’ can be seen in the car name, with the second word being somewhat blurry. The new car may be named ‘Xiangwang 03’. Public information shows that XPeng Motors has previously registered multiple ‘Xiangwang’ brand trademarks under international classification for ‘transportation vehicles’.

According to previous reports, He Xiaopeng stated during a first-quarter earnings call that MONA’s first product is a compact pure electric sedan which will debut in June and officially launch and deliver in the third quarter of this year. He mentioned that this car is a highly attractive product with top-notch intelligence and cost competitiveness. “I believe it will become a star product shaking up the A-class pure electric market. In addition, XPeng XNGP will also enter this price segment.”

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He Xiaopeng also stated that in the fourth quarter of this year, XPeng Motors will deliver a B-class pure electric sedan under the XPeng brand as the first model to achieve the goal of reducing costs by 25% through technology. It is based on XPeng Motors’ latest technology for cost reduction and is expected to become a popular model in the B-class pure electric market in the second half of this year.