A Group of Chinese Companies Are Developing Applications for Vision Pro

Less than a week before the official release of Apple Vision Pro, a series of applications from Chinese internet companies have announced their integration into visionOS, officially becoming native apps for Vision Pro.

Among them, there are well-known applications such as DingTalk and Ctrip, as well as the game developer miHoYo’s “Honkai: Star Rail”. The game will be launched on Vision Pro on February 6th.

The common feature of these applications is that they are developed based on the features of Vision Pro, with a complete 3D environment and matching functionalities.

For example, with DingTalk, users can download and experience the DingTalk App from the US App Store. The development team has adapted regular features such as DingTalk chat, meetings, live streaming, etc., to be compatible with Vision Pro. This expands into applications such as multi-screen office work, space super expressions with full-screen effects, real-time gesture annotation for video conferences, virtual avatars of people, and large-scale live streaming.

In Ctrip, the application can provide high-definition and highly interactive immersive scenery display. In the initial release, the application launched the first batch of domestic and international tourist attractions, including Guilin landscape, Detian Waterfall, Zhangye Danxia, and Chengdu Giant Panda Base. Users can experience these sceneries through Vision Pro and learn about background information of the attractions.

This online travel platform also claims that the application allows users to experience the scenery of places such as Mount Everest, the Sahara Desert, and glaciers in Antarctica in the same way.

On February 2nd, Apple’s Vision Pro was officially launched in the US market. Susan Prescott, Vice President of Apple’s Global Developer Relations, stated that the product offers over 600 spatial experiences to explore in the new App Store, as well as over one million iOS and iPad compatible applications.

These over 600 types of space applications roughly cover areas such as audio and video, gaming, office work, sports, shopping, etc., with a considerable portion possibly supported by Chinese developers.

According to media reports, since July last year, Apple has been inviting developers to its Vision Pro labs located in Cupertino, London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo. However, the participation of overseas developers has been low. At that time, Apple required developers’ kits to be used in private and secure spaces, which was difficult for some small-scale developers to achieve.

Domestic developers, on the other hand, have shown even more enthusiasm. Apple recognizes the potential brought by this group to their device.

In October of last year, according to China Daily’s report, Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed high expectations for Chinese developers in the development of Vision Pro during an interview. He also revealed that a group of developers in Shanghai have been working on developing Vision Pro and some applications have already been seen. It is believed that they will be well-received.

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