Alibaba Collaborates with China Telecom to Launch Ali Fish Card

Ali has teamed up with China Telecom to launch Ali Fish SIM cards, including Ali Small Fish Card and Ali Big Fish Card, which enables free data charge when using APPs belonging to Ali entertainment ecosystem, such as UC, Youku (优酷), Xiami(虾米), Shuqi(书旗), Gaode(高德)and other Alibaba applications.

Ali Fish Card is an exclusive SIM card product launched jointly by Telecom and a number of Ali APPs, like UC, Usersku, Xiami, Gaode, Shuqi and so on. Its greatest feature is to provide the free mobile data charge for multiple Ali products. These APPs range from browser, information reading, short video, comics & novels to TV series, music, travel and navigation and other areas.

Fish Card users can enjoy the free mobile data services of APPs like Usersku videos, Xiami music, Gaode map and Shuqi novels, as well as the UC browser, which completely charges free of data: users can open UC browser, download videos and documents, browse the webs, watch videos, and read news, novels and comics through mobile data and all of these are charged for free.

There are two types of Ali Fish Cards: Ali Small Fish Card and Ali Big Fish Card. Their monthly fees are 9 RMB and 19 RMB respectively. Compared to Tencent King Card, Baidu San Card and other data plans, Ali card offers a more cost-effective rate.

Meanwhile, additional charges of extra data exceeding the standard packages are low: 0.1 RMB/min for domestic airtime, 1 RMB/800M for intra-provincial data usage and 2RMB/800M for domestic data usage. It is known that Ali Fish Card service will extend to Taobao, Weibo, Momo and other APPs. Ali Fish Card service on UC was officially launched on October 1. Just open the UC and users can apply for the Ali Fish Card. Now, Ali Fish Card offers free delivery across the country——Users can apply for an Ali Fish Card of any location, and it will be sent to users wherever users are in China.

After confirming receipt, users can insert the Ali Fish Card into the phone, download or open the UC client, and it will automatically open the activation page. If the page doesn’t open automatically, users can search for “free data usage card activation” in UC to find the page. Users who complete the activation will be rewarded with credit and 1G domestic data.

In addition to the free application and free delivery, activation reward of credit and 1G domestic data, Ali Fish Card’s latest promotions include zero monthly fee for the first month, as well as 100RMB reward on initial top-up of 50 RMB.

This article originally appeared in Ifeng Tech and was translated by Pandaily.