Baidu’s Face Recognition Auto Gate is being tested in Beijing Capital Airport

Baidu has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Capital Airport. Both sides will cooperate in fields of intelligent operation, intelligent security and management, information ability construction and others, so as to promote civil aviation airport’s upgrade in the direction of the intelligence and automation.

It is reported that the cooperation between Baidu AI robot and the Capital Airport has been implemented and would take the responsibility of information consultation at the airport. Baidu face recognition gate has already entered the Capital Airport transportation control center to be tested and it mainly undertakes the work of punching in and out as well as data monitoring.

According to the third-party data, the passenger throughput of the Capital Airport reached 94.393 million in 2016, ranking second in the world for seven consecutive years. The large volume of passenger turnover puts forward higher requirements for airport operation efficiency, and the commercialization of AI technology needs appropriate landing scenarios. Based on this, face recognition, data monitoring and other technologies have the application prospect in the busy traffic and could replace certain human labor.

In terms of accuracy, Baidu‘s facial recognition technology has won the first place in international authoritative evaluation platforms FDDB (Face Detection Data Set and the Benchmark) and LFW (Labeled Faces in the Wild). Besides, Baidu’s accuracy rate reached 99.77% in LFW, which exceeds human work.

However, the sound technologies alone couldn’t guarantee the stability of actual application, the landing and commercialization are equally important.

According to public information, in June this year, Baidu face recognition intelligent boarding system has landed in Nanyang Jiangying airport. Previously, Baidu cooperated with Wuzhen, Wuyishan and other tourist attractions to improve the tourists’ experience and management efficiency of the garden through the precise face recognition gate. It can be seen that Baidu is applying face recognition technology, especially the gate machine solution, to more practical scenes, and it has accumulated a certain commercial operation experience. But in terms of size and volume, the Capital Airport project is still challenging compared with its previous projects.

In the future, Baidu and the Capital Airport will also cooperate in indoor navigation, intelligent parking, smart payment and passenger credit management.


This article originally appeared in Sina Technology and was translated by Pandaily.

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