BOSCH China Officially Releases the Shanxi AITO M7 Accident Statement

On April 29th, BOSCH China official Weibo account updated and responded positively to the statement regarding the traffic accident in Yuncheng, Shanxi. This is the first time that BOSCH China has officially responded to this matter.

The official statement shows: After investigation, the vehicles involved did not have the Bosch intelligent driving system (including AEB). Bosch expresses deep sorrow for the casualties caused by the accident and offers heartfelt condolences to the victims.

Previously, AITO officials issued a statement stating that the vehicle involved in the incident was the AITO M7 Plus. The speed at the time of the incident was 115km/h, and the safety airbags deployed normally, with no issues found in the power battery pack.

The vehicle involved was an entry-level non-smart driving version, not equipped with Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving assistance system but rather using Bosch’s solution. The working range of Bosch’s AEB is between 4-85km/h, while the collision occurred at a speed of 115km/h which far exceeds Bosch AEB’s activation range.

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However, according to reports, Bosch stated that after investigation, the vehicles involved did not have the Bosch intelligent driving system (including AEB).

A staff member of Yuncheng Expressway Management Company said that at the time of the incident, a maintenance vehicle was carrying out mobile watering operations. The maintenance vehicle was equipped with warning devices during operation, and after the incident, the driver of the maintenance vehicle got off to participate in rescue efforts. The Shanxi Provincial Department of Transportation responded by saying they are paying close attention to this matter. Currently, traffic police are investigating the specific cause of the accident.

On the evening of April 29th, the family of the accident victim released a new statement, saying, “Thank you to the kind-hearted person who broke the window and opened the door to rescue my loved one for the first time. Although my relative has lost their life due to a car collision, they are now at peace. We hope everyone can ignore or delete various untrue reports and content online, and also hope that no one will disturb me and my family anymore.”