BYD Yangwang’s First Sedan Patent Image Exposes

On August 31st, SugarDesign, a Weibo blogger released a set of patent images of BYD Yangwang. There is a high probability that the official name of this car will be “U7”. This is also the first time that the car has appeared without any cover after multiple exposures in spy photos previously. Unless there are unexpected changes, it is very likely that the actual appearance of the car will be like this.

The new car is expected to be positioned as a high-end luxury sedan in the “million-level” range. From the front part of the car, it can be seen that the new car adopts a family-style front face design similar to the supercar model BYD Yangwang U9, equipped with front headlights in the shape of a “space-time portal” and lines on the hood that exude a sense of power.

From the side view, the car is likely to adopt a two-tone body design with an integrated visual effect on the roof, presenting an overall forward-leaning posture. In addition, the new car also features side waistlines and shoulder lines similar to supercars, expected to have excellent aerodynamic performance. Of course, the laser radar on the roof is also present.

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In terms of the rear, the overall design of the tail is much simpler, adopting a fastback-style design and integrated taillight combination, without excessive complex lines.

Chang Yan CY, a Weibo blogger discovered the spy photos of an upcoming luxury sedan. Based on previous reports, the front of the new car is equipped with a laser radar, and the hood (or front trunk) is also designed in a streamlined manner. The interior layout of this car is very similar to that of the Yangwang U8, and it is expected to adopt the same three-screen layout.