ByteDance Clarifies Use of OpenAI Services Amidst Violation Allegations

Regarding recent reports claiming that TikTok’s parent company ByteDance is developing its own large language model using OpenAI technology, in violation of OpenAI’s terms of service, a ByteDance spokesperson responded on Monday that “The company emphasizes the need to comply with the terms of use when using OpenAI services. We are also in contact with OpenAI to clarify any misunderstandings that external reports may have caused.”

ByteDance emphasized their commitment to adhere to OpenAI’s terms of use, and outlined their use of OpenAI services as follows:

  1. GPT’s API services were used for experimental projects with smaller models earlier this year, but this stopped after introducing GPT API call standard checks in April.
  2. ByteDance established internal requirements in April not to add GPT-generated data to ByteDance’s large model training dataset and trained engineers to comply with OpenAI’s terms.
  3. In September, ByteDance conducted another internal review and implemented measures to ensure GPT’s API calls meet standard requirements.
  4. ByteDance plans to conduct another comprehensive review to ensure strict compliance with service terms.

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