ByteDance’s Douyin Cooperates with Tencent Video

On April 7th, ByteDance’s Douyin announced that it has recently reached cooperation with Tencent Video. The two parties will explore the promotion of long and short video linkage, short video secondary creation and other aspects.

Tencent Video will authorize ByteDance’s Douyin to have the information network dissemination rights and transfer authorization rights of its long videos, and clarify the methods of secondary creation and publishing rules.

In the future, users of platforms such as Douyin, Xigua Video, and Toutiao under the Douyin Group can create derivative works based on these videos. This cooperation will provide sufficient protection for high-quality short video content creation and dissemination, creating a better user experience.

ByteDance’s Douyin officials stated: “In the past few years, Douyin has helped many film and television works break through barriers, allowing excellent content to be seen and loved by more audiences. Douyin has always respected intellectual property rights and actively sought better cooperation with long video platforms.”

Tencent Video officials stated that they adhere to an open and innovative attitude, focus on meeting user needs, and are committed to developing high-quality content and expanding ecological cooperation.

The integration and development of long and short videos has always been a topic of concern in the industry. At the 7th China Internet Copyright Protection and Development Conference, “collaboration between long and short videos” was included in the Top Ten Copyright Events in China for 2022 by the China Copyright Association.

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According to previous reports, last year, Douyin was sued for copyright infringement of the game “The Worm Valley” and was ordered by the Xi’an Intermediate People’s Court to pay Tencent more than 32 million yuan.

In this case, the Court set a new record for compensation in similar cases nationwide with a standard of 2 million yuan per episode and a total amount exceeding 32 million yuan (about 4.7 million dollars). This amount is 16 times higher than the highest record in 2021 and hundreds of times higher than some similar cases.