CapCut’s New Brand Dreamina Launches AI Video Editing Feature

CapCut Dreamina officially announced that its brand has been renamed to ‘Jimeng’ in Chinese, and at the same time announced that its AI drawing and AI video editing functions have been fully launched.

As a new brand, Dreamina core functions include image generation, intelligent canvas, and video generation, aiming to provide users with a more convenient and intelligent creative experience.

In terms of image generation, Dreamina supports converting user’s text descriptions into images, enabling users to achieve artistic creation freedom with the help of AI technology.

The intelligent canvas is another highlight of Dreamina. It adopts interactive design, allowing users to easily cut out images, rearrange them, and redraw new images based on prompts.

In terms of video generation, Dreamina can convert user’s text descriptions into videos and also supports using images as a basis to generate video content through AI intelligence. This feature not only provides users with a new way of creating videos but also offers more possibilities for the diversity and personalization of video content.

In addition, Dreamina also plans to launch a “Story Creation” feature. This feature will further enrich the product line of Dream+, allowing users to use AI technology to tell and create more vivid and personalized stories. The launch of this feature will bring users a new creative experience, while also providing content creators with more innovative possibilities.

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