CAR cooperates with Hertz to explore the global car rental market

On 4 July, China Auto Renting Inc. (CAR), the largest car rental company in Asia, announced they would open the international car rental business. Customers can book auto rentals in over 150 countries through the APP and website. Also, customers can have 10% discount of rental charge and free translation service for Chinese driver’s license, along with other value-added services like picking up and returning cars in different places and countries.

CAR was established in 2007 and headquartered in Beijing. Holding nearly 100 thousand vehicles, the scale of CAR now surpasses the combination of the rest of top ten car rental companies in the country. By the end of the first quarter of this year, CAR has been operating 815 directly service locations in 97 Chinese cities and major tourist spots in China. To improve the user experience, CAR takes the lead in carrying out the free services of vehicle delivery, pickup and return in different places, 24/7 road assistance, super collision damage waiver (CDW) and other value-added services.

With the upgrading of tourism consumption, China’s outbound travel grows rapidly. Statistics show that the number of outbound Chinese travelers has reached 122 million in 2016, and is expected to reach 700 million in the following 5 years. And renting a car becomes a more popular choice for overseas travelers. In 2016, the number of overseas car rental business increased by 300% over the previous year.

While auto rentals become popular, problems are emerging like opaque price, asymmetric information, and ineffective customer service communication.

To this end, CAR cooperates with Hertz to explore the global car rental market. Booking cars overseas is available through the APP, website and WAP of CAR. It is understood that Hertz have 10,400 service locations and a rental fleet of approximately 750,000 cars, which can greatly meet the outbound tourists’ needs for both business and leisure.
An official of CAR says that the process of renting cars overseas is the same as at home. It is easy to operate. After entering into the page of “International car rental”, customers can directly select car models, pickup and return places and types of insurance, then fill in the driver’s information to make a successful booking. Car renters who first use it can easily complete the booking process.

For better and more convenient services, CAR provides free service for Chinese driver’s license translation. Each car is equipped with Chinese GPS navigation, so that users can communicate with customer service in Chinese. The road assistance is available 24/7. Users can also pick up and return cars in different places and countries without any obstacle. Before December 31, customers can have 10% discount when renting a car from CAR in a foreign country.

This story originally appeared in Tencent News and was translated by Pandaily.

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