CATL Debuts Shenxing Battery in Europe: 10-Minute Charge, 400-Kilometer Range

On September 4, 2023, the International Motor Show Germany (IAA MOBILITY 2023) officially kicked off in Munich. CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited) showcased its products and application solutions at the exhibition and grandly unveiled the world’s first 4C ultra-fast charging battery that uses lithium iron phosphate material and supports large-scale production – the “Shenxing Ultra Charging Battery”.

At the exhibition, CATL showcased products such as sodium-ion batteries, M3P batteries, Condensed Batteries, Qilin Batteries, and Shenxing Super Fast Charging Batteries. They also presented solutions for different scenarios, including EVOGO battery swapping and QIJI Energy battery swapping. Among them, Shenxing Super Fast Charging Battery and M3P Battery made their debut overseas.

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CATL stated that the Shenxing Ultra Fast Charging Battery has achieved breakthrough performance boundaries of the lithium iron phosphate material system through continuous innovation in materials, material systems, and system structures. It has realized a groundbreaking ultra-fast charging speed of “10 minutes to charge for 800 kilometers,” redefining lithium iron phosphate batteries and greatly alleviating European consumers’ range anxiety. Additionally, through structural innovation and intelligent algorithms, the Shenxing Ultra Fast Charging Battery easily achieves a range of over 700 kilometers. Even in -10℃ low-temperature environments, it can be charged to 80% within 30 minutes. By using improved electrolytes and high-security coating membranes, it provides “double insurance” for battery safety. Through intelligent algorithm control of the overall temperature field, it achieves ultimate safety standards and comprehensively enhances the comprehensive performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Currently, CATL has established research and development centers in Europe, invested in two production bases, and built a mature channel network system to achieve localized research and development, localized production, and localized marketing.