Chinese Representatives Attend the AI Safety Summit

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Wu Zhaohui, attended the Global Artificial Intelligence Sefety Summit held in the UK from 1st to 2nd. 

Wu Zhaohui delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, and participated in discussions on artificial intelligence security and other issues, actively promoting China’s proposed “Global Initiative on AI Governance,” and held bilateral talks with other countries.

China believes that, against the backdrop of diverse challenges to world peace and development, all countries should uphold a security concept that is common, comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable. They should adhere to the principle of equal emphasis on development and security, build consensus through dialogue and cooperation, and establish open, fair, and effective governance mechanisms to jointly promote the healthy, orderly, and secure development of global artificial intelligence.

China also expressed its willingness to strengthen communication and exchange with all parties on the safe governance of artificial intelligence. It is committed to actively contributing wisdom to promote the formation of an internationally participated mechanism and a widely agreed governance framework. It will earnestly implement global development initiatives, global security initiatives, and global civilization initiatives, and promote the betterment of humanity through artificial intelligence technology, jointly building a community with a shared future for mankind.