Chinese Scientists Develop A “Thermometer” for Quantum Chips

On May 18th, it was reported that in order to monitor the temperature changes of quantum chips and understand the operation status of refrigeration machines in real time, researchers from Anhui Province Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center have successfully developed a domestically produced ultra-low temperature sensor for quantum computing. The researchers vividly call it the “quantum chip thermometer“.

Quantum computing is the forefront of future computing technology, and quantum chips are the core components of quantum computers that have extremely high temperature requirements.

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The sensor supports real-time temperature monitoring and can accurately measure a temperature range of 10mK to 40K. It is suitable for various dilution refrigerators, easy to install and use. Currently, it has been used in domestic quantum computers, providing critical assurance for the quantum computer system.

This is an important achievement for China’s temperature measurement technology in the field of ultra-low temperatures reaching international advanced levels, and also an important step for China to achieve independent and controllable quantum computers.