CMA CGM and CATL Sign A Cooperation Agreement

CATL and CMA CGM recently signed a cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, both parties will fully leverage their respective strengths in various fields, focusing on building comprehensive and complete greenhouse gas emission reduction solutions. They will jointly explore potential research and development cooperation opportunities, and plan to establish a joint venture to meet the growing environmental protection needs, supporting energy transformation and industrial upgrading.

In addition, the two sides will also focus on carbon neutrality target planning and implementation, and deepen cooperation in areas such as electric ships, commercial vehicles, warehouse logistics, renewable energy, etc., to jointly promote the ‘dual transformation’ of digitalization and green low-carbon.

The signing of this cooperation agreement is based on the high degree of consensus in the field of new energy between the two parties, as well as their rich practical experience and profound technological accumulation in their respective fields. In the future, both parties will deeply integrate in terms of technology, market, and resources to jointly promote the development of green transportation industries such as electric ships. They will also strengthen cooperation in digitalization and green low-carbon transformation to help elevate the development of new energy industries in China and France to a new level.

Previously, Robin Zeng, Chairman and CEO of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL), was invited to attend the closing ceremony of the 6th meeting of the Sino-French Entrepreneurs Committee.

During his participation in the committee’s dialogue activities, Robin Zeng emphasized that technological innovation and sustainable development are closely linked. In various aspects such as technological innovation, product development, and ecological construction, it is necessary to steadfastly implement the principle of recyclability. This is the foundation for achieving sustainable development.

It is worth mentioning that on April 9th, DST NEV service network (referred to as “DST” below) and CATL signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement in Ningde, Fujian.

According to the agreement, the two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in urban delivery vehicle electrification, innovative product development, business model innovation, market branding and other aspects. At the same time, they will deepen collaboration in overseas business expansion, regional electrification, vehicle insurance, innovative finance and after-sales service.

CATL will provide advanced power battery products and services to DST, comprehensively assisting DST in improving product quality and service operation efficiency, jointly building a high-quality new energy logistics vehicle ecosystem, and promoting the accelerated arrival of comprehensive electrification of new energy logistics.

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