DataOps Firm WhaleOps Bags Tens of Millions of Yuan in Financing

Beijing-based tech firm WhaleOps announced its completion of a new round of financing totaling tens of millions of yuan on July 14, led by Kaitai Capital and followed by angel investor BlueRun Ventures. Wave Capital served as the exclusive financial adviser for this round.

WhaleOps was established in August 2021, focused on big data and cloud computing. It can provide enterprises with overall DataOps solutions, helping enterprises better adapt to data processing and governance in the era of big data and cloud native computing. The firm especially helps enterprises break restriction of internal data isolation and connect the whole life cycle from fundamental data to machine learning projects.

As an open-source commercial company based on Apache open source project, WhaleOps is the leading firm behind Apache WhaleOps, the next-generation cloud native workflow scheduling system, and SeaTunnel, a data integration platform incubated by Apache. Apache WhaleOps and SeaTunnel now have more than 1,000 enterprise users at home and abroad in finance, telecommunications, e-commerce and industrial manufacturing industries.

WhaleOps has released a commercial version of Apache WhaleOps, i.e. WhaleScheduler. It is a data scheduling management platform for enterprise-level customers’ requirements on complexity, stability, compliance and high-performance scheduling systems. It is targeted at enterprise unified cloud-native data scheduling management platform, and is committed to formulating unified development specifications and operation and maintenance methods for enterprises’ big data operations, and to unified management, scheduling and monitoring of operations of each system.

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WhaleOps has reached cooperation with leading cloud vendors both within China and abroad, such as AWS and Alibaba Cloud. WhaleOps regards users as the core, and promotes the ecological strategy of win-win cooperation. It is devoted to cooperating with cloud vendors, independent developers and system integrators under the brand-new ecological business model and enterprise growth model.

After this round of financing, WhaleOps will recruit more outstanding talent, develop cutting-edge technologies such as data synchronization and MLOps, and improve the open-source ecological construction of DataOps.