DJI is reported to test Self-driving cars

Internet News Reports DJI On August 28, Tech-Web, a we-media, claimed it found DJI’s “secret base” in Shekou district, Shenzhen: DJI self-driving car is being tested there and Tech-Web even exposed photos of these cars. It is reported that the DJI self-driving car being tested is a Ford Edge SUV. From external observation, this self-driving car only has cameral without laser radar or other sensors like radar. It looks like a self-driving program like AIMotive.

For this reason, NetEase Technology asked DJI whether they were developing self-driving cars. And DJI responded: “No. We have answered this question for many times. It is the speculation of some online authors.” Previously, when Netease Technology participated in the Robomaster hosted by DJI, some media asked this question and at that time, DJI also gave a negative answer.

But simply denial couldn’t dispel media’s speculation. In the mid-August, DJI issued a recruitment information that it wanted to hire car evaluation editor. In August 2015, DJI poached Darren Liccardo, the director of Autopilot and senior aided driving engineering, from Tesla to DJI’s R&D center in Silicon Valley and appointed him as global engineering VP for DJI. All this intensifies the rumor that DJI is to become China’s Tesla.

This article originally appeared in Netease Technology and was translated by Pandaily.

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