Ele.me is Now Available on Alipay’s Home Page

On October 16, Ele.me announced it would run food-delivery service on Alipay and Koubei, preceded by its consolidation of Baidu’s food delivery unit—Baidu Takeout. Meanwhile, food delivering is changed into “Ele.me Takeout” on the front-page of Alipay’s app, making Ele.me one of the 11 original applications on Alipay home page interface. A while ago, Takeout on the Koubei network of Alipay had been replaced by “Ele.me Takeout”.

Before April 2016, Ele.me already provided offline restaurant resources and food-delivery services for Alipay, Koubei, and Taobao. Now, Alipay users can order food via the home page of Alipay app or the new entrance on Koubei, where Ele.me manages the food-ordering system. Accordingly, the orange interface was replaced by Ele’me’s blue interface.

A manager of Ele.me claimed the new system would significantly improve user experience. For one thing, after consumers pay their bill, information including restaurants taking the order and food-delivering progress will all be listed in real time on the home page of the App, helping consumers know the relevant information of their order; for another, after the account system of Alipay and Koubei connects El.me, information of Red package bonus, coupons, and VIP membership will be synchronized. Users will be able to order food on Alipay and Koubei without downloading Ele.me app.

Ele.me has more than just an interface on Alipay and Koubei. In the future, to meet consumers’ food-ordering needs, the food-delivering services of Ele.me will be integrated with Koubei, forming a complete chain of food-delivering service both online and offline. For instance, consumers can get Ele.me bonuses for offline payment with Alipay; users who use Alipay QR code as mobile payment will receive Ele.me’s coupons; people who pay through Ele.me payment can receive Koubei’s coupons.

This article originally appeared in Sina Technology and was translated by Pandaily.