ERNIE Bot Offers A Premium Monthly Subscription for 59.9 Yuan, Multiple LMs Now Available for Paid Access

On November 1st, ERNIE Bot officially launched its membership service. According to the ERNIE Bot official website, the monthly subscription fee for members is 49.9 yuan (approximatly $6.8) for continuous monthly access, while a one-time purchase for a single month is priced at 59.9 yuan (approximatly $8.2). This membership service corresponds to ERNIE Model 4.0, while ERNIE Model 3.5 can still be used for free.

In addition, ERNIE Bot has launched a joint membership plan for 99 yuan (approximatly $14) per month, which includes the membership of ERNIE Bot and the Silver Membership of ERNIE Design. Among them, the Silver Membership of ERNIE Design not only allows for rapid generation of multi-size high-definition images, creation of posters and artistic fonts but also enables AI editing and retouching.

On October 17th, Baidu released the ERNIE Model 4.0 and claimed that “this is the most powerful ERNIE Model to date, with comprehensive capabilities comparable to GPT-4.” According to Baidu, the ERNIE Model 3.5 has been open to the public since August 31st and has already reached a user base of 45 million.

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At the end of August, more than 10 large-scale model products have been gradually opened to the public. Currently, the total number of large-scale models in China has exceeded 200. Several of these large-scale models have already implemented a fee-based system.

The billing unit price for the Qwen-VL 14B is 0.008 yuan/1000 tokens. The billing unit price for the 7B model is 0.006 yuan/1000 tokens. Currently, there is also a free quota for Qwen-VL. By activating DashScope, you will receive a total of one million tokens as a limited-time free usage quota, valid for 180 days.

Tencent Hunyuan provides a cumulative free calling quota of 100,000 tokens for Tencent Cloud enterprise accounts that have been verified in the whitelist. The price for every 1,000 token units of Tencent Hunyuan Advanced Edition is 0.1 yuan.

Spark 3.0 of iFlytek provides a free service quota of 2 million tokens for individual users, valid for one year. For enterprise customers with identity verification, they can receive a free service quota of 5 million tokens. In addition, this big model offers paid packages, with one package priced at 1500 yuan (approximatly $205), providing a service quota of 500 million tokens, valid for one year, at a unit price of 0.3 yuan per ten thousand tokens.