GAC AION and Didi’s Self-Driving Joint Venture Have Obtained the Business License

On April 7th, GAC AION announced that GAC AION and Didi’s self-driving joint venture company Guangzhou AIDI Technology Co., Ltd. have obtained the business license.

Both parties will collaborate to develop a mass-produced L4 autonomous driving vehicle based on GAC AION’s redundant vehicle platform and vehicle electrical architecture, integrating Didi’s unique L4 autonomous driving technology solution tailored for travel services.

The announcement stated that the first Robotaxi jointly developed by both parties has completed product definition and is undergoing joint design styling review. The first batch of L4 models is planned for mass production next year, fully compatible with DiDi’s autonomous driving unmanned intelligent operation system Huigo Port, and will be integrated into the DiDi Global Inc. network in a hybrid dispatch form.

In May 2023, GAC AION signed a deepening cooperation agreement with Didi to jointly release the unmanned new energy mass-produced vehicle project – the “AIDI Plan,” and announced the establishment of a joint venture company.

The first mass-produced model will be based on the GAC AION AEP3.0 pure electric platform, Xingling electronic electrical architecture and multi-fusion perception automatic driving mass production technology, equipped with Didi’s L4 urban generalized engine and unique automatic driving technology solution for travel services.

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