Halo Gaming Laptop with Special Light Effect? Meizu Product Release on April 22

On April 12, @Meizu Accessory Weibo account released the poster of their upcoming products, on which says “Wake Me, When You Need Me. Meizu Halo, 422” without specifying what product it will be. Both the visual design and wording are making a clear reference to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The product has been long expected to be their new flagship gaming laptop.

The poster of new product

Shortly after, Meizu VP Yang Yan reposted this update, confirming that Halo will be the first product since he took over Meizu Accessory.

Yang was in charge of Flyme, which was the Operating System of Meizu mobile phones. In 2017, he took over the Department of Accessories with internal reallocation. This gaming laptop will be his very first work as head of the department. What surprises will Yang bring to us this time?

Meizu official did not specify what products will be released on April 22, but words have been going around on Weibo saying it will be a gaming laptop. Fans also speculate that, as the word ‘Halo’ suggests, this product may come with some sort of dazzling light effect.

Today, many Chinese mobile phone manufacturers are working their way into the laptop market. Not too long ago, Huawei and Xiaomi, the two biggest giants in Chinese smartphone market both have released their respective laptops. With this release, Meizu is making a statement that it will not budge from the competition.

Xiaomi laptops often lacks design.

Meizu will hold the product release conference in Wuzhen, a history-honored town which now is most known for its scenic sights. The location indicates that Meizu wishes to combine “science and technology” with “traditional culture” to bring out unprecedented blaze. Let’s wait and see!

This article originally appeared in iMobile and was translated by Pandaily.