Huawei Cooperates with Unionpay, Huawei Pay to Enter Overseas Markets.

Huawei signed a cooperation agreement with Unionpay, and the two sides agreed to work together to promote the globalization of Huawei Pay and speed up its overseas application. This is the first time the two sides have expanded the service to the international market since Huawei Pay launched in 2016. Huawei Pay now supports 66 banks, covering 20 terminal devices including mobile phones and watches. In 2017, more than 4 billion yuan was transacted through Huawei Pay.

Alex Zhang (right), President of Huawei Consumer Cloud Service, and Larry Wang (left), Vice President of UnionPay International, attended the signing ceremony.

Huawei and Honor users who add Unionpay cards to their handsets with Huawei Pay only need to scan their fingerprints on a POS machine that supports Unionpay to complete a payment. More than 85 percent of Russian stores accept Unionpay cards, and 400,000 POS machines support Unionpay. Russian banks have issued nearly 1.3 million Unionpay cards. Russia is expected to become the first stop for foreign cooperation.

The two sides plan to cooperate in more markets such as Eastern Europe. In fact, in addition to Huawei Pay, Huawei said it will continue to promote the overseas distribution of its cloud space, application market, video, music and other terminal cloud services.

This article originally appeared in SinaTech and was translated by Pandaily.