Huawei Releases Matebook X Pro, MediaPad M5 Tablet and 5G Commercial Terminal Device

Prior to the commencement of the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC2018) in Barcelona, Huawei held a pre-exhibition conference on February 25 and released the Matebook X Pro, the world’s first FullView touchscreen laptop.

On Huawei’s stage at MWC2018, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, revealed the blueprint for the future. “In the face of the upcoming smart world, Huawei Consumer Business Group will connect people, homes, and cars, and enable a perfect wholly-integrated smart life.” Huawei released its “FullView Display” laptop, the Matebook X Pro, its MediaPad M5 tablet, and a 5G commercial terminal device supporting 3GPP 5G standards. Huawei will bring consumers a brand-new digital life experience.”

Matebook X Pro

All-Screen Pro Laptop

Smartphones, smart home appliances and smart wearable products are upgraded continuously. PC products, which once set the trend, now seem to be left behind. Interactive models and product experiences are in urgent need for innovation.

From traditional desktops to today’s most favored ultra-thin laptops, the demand for mobile devices has gradually shifted from cost-effectiveness to high-end quality. Now, personal devices are evaluated according to its style, portability, performance and smart capabilities. Conforming to the trend of the times, Huawei released the world’s first all-screen ultra-thin laptop, the MateBook X Pro, and strives to become an innovator in the laptop industry.


Mobile phones have entered the full-screen era. Maximizing the screen-to-body ratio has become the new trend. The Matebook X Pro is a breakthrough based on the previous flagship product. This laptop features an unprecedented 91 percent screen-to-body ratio, setting a new standard for an “all-screen” laptop.

The Matebook X Pro is equipped with 3000 x 2000 pixel resolution LTPS HD display. The laptop adopts a minimalist design. Its thickness is only 14.6 mm (0.57 in), and weighs only 1.33 kg (2.9 lbs).

Extraordinary Performance

The laptop is ultra-thin and compact in design, but its professional performance is not compromised. Equipped with an eighth generation Intel Core i7 or i5 processor, the Matebook X Pro performs 40 percent better than the seventh generation processors to deliver a smoother and more efficient working environment.

 The Matebook X Pro uses the Dolby Atmos system. Dolby Atmos and customized speakers jointly contributes to extraordinary sound performance.

Smart Experience

As an innovative leader in smart devices, Huawei has ported multiple smartphone technologies into its laptops. In the previous generation of the MateBook series notebooks, Huawei’s first super-fast power button enabled simultaneous power-on and fingerprint identification, with one-touch access to the Windows desktop. Huawei upgraded the power button in the new Matebook X Pro, enabling a 7.8 second power on from shutdown state to the Windows desktop, and a 6.6 second power on from hibernation to the desktop.

Matebook X Pro supports the Cortana remote smart voice interaction and Microsoft Translator.

The innovative design of the hidden camera frees users from worrying about privacy infringement. Additionally, Huawei Share makes it easy for users to connect mobile phones with computers via WiFi, enabling efficient mobile office experiences.

Huawei M5 Tablet Series

High quality Audio entertainment and efficient office experience.

Adhering to the advantages of the M1, M2, and M3 tablets, the M5 caters to the taste of younger generations, and provides customers with high quality entertainment audio and efficient office experience. With forward-thinking vision and superb craftsmanship, Huawei is reshaping the technology trend for tablets.

Beauty and Smooth Feel

The Huawei M5 Tablet Series achieve a perfect combination of visual aesthetics and ergonomics. For the first time, tablet computers adopt 2.5D curved glass and a metal unibody for a more comfortable experience.

Optimal Audio and Visual Experience

The 2K IPS HD display visualizes details in a more optimal way. The Huawei M5 Tablet Series enables vivid visual experience with Huawei’s self-developed screen display enhancement algorithm.

Huawei Histen technology and quad- (10.8-inch version) or dual- (8.4-inch version) stereo speakers bring 3D surround sound and optimal audio experiences.

New Mobile Office Experience: Easy to Operate

The 10.8-inch Huawei M5 and M5 Pro can be connected to a lightweight full-size keyboard. Paired with precise trackpads, these tablets instantly convert into notebook mode. Convenient operation experience and long-lasting battery life enables a new way to conduct mobile office tasks.

5G Commercial Chips and Terminals Conforming with 3GPP Standard

Launching the 5G Era

At MWC 2018, Huawei released the first 5G commercial chip with 3GPP standard support, named Balong 5G01. Huawei also released the first 5G commercial terminal device with 3GPP standard support, called the 5G CPE.

The Balong 5G01 supports the mainstream 5G bands, including sub-6 GHz (low-frequency) and mmWave (high-frequency). The chip enables data transfer speeds of up to 2.3 Gbps. Huawei led the breakthrough in the commercial bottleneck of 5G terminal chips, making a significant contribution to the development of the 5G industry. Huawei is the first company to have 5G chip-terminal-network capabilities that can provide customers with end-to-end 5G solutions.

As the leader in the 5G industry, Huawei overcame a number of technical obstacles and actively participated in the 3GPP standard formulation. As early as 2009, Huawei started 5G-related research and has so far invested at least $600 million USD in 5G research and innovation. Huawei has established 11 5G research centers worldwide employing thousands of 5G experts.

Huawei also cooperates with China Mobile, China Telecom, Unicom, Vodafone, SoftBank, T-mobile, BT, Telefonica and other global 5G operators. In the future, Huawei will unite industry partners to innovate together, promote global 5G standardization and industrialization, and build a better IoT era for all.

The advent of the Matebook X Pro and Huawei M5 tablet series attracted a wave of attention. The arrival of the 5G era is highly anticipated.

This article originally appeared in Tencent Tech and was translated by Pandaily.