Huawei to Begin Offering Enterprise Resource Planning

Huawei held a summary and commendation meeting on its product R&D tools at its base in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, on February 28. The company made public the video of the meeting through its internal employee community on March 21.

At the commendation meeting, all Huawei executives attended and some presented awards and honor flags to the product R&D team. This time, Huawei commended nearly 2,000 people who made outstanding contributions to product tools, including employees of Huawei’s various systems and company partners.

The video showed that the teams awarded by Huawei executives included those in the Software IDE and Building Tool Team, Software Pipeline Tool, Code Inspection and Test Tool, Software Warehouse Tool, Board-Level EDA, PDM and others.

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At the meeting, Eric Xu, a rotating chairman of Huawei, announced, “Huawei aims to build leading R&D tools that can be applied to all walks of life. The company will completely rid of its dependence on Western product development tools, and the battle of achieving strategic breakthrough has begun.”

Huawei is trying to find ways to implement its own research in addition to incorporating domestic substitutions for many different types of software and hardware. According to a senior industry source cited by, since December last year, Huawei has released 11 software and hardware development tools and services, and the R&D of its own product line has been switched to its own tools. A software development production line covering the whole process and link to software development has been built, and a one-stop, safe and credible operation platform has been formed.

Among them, some software has already provided services to other companies through Huawei Cloud, serving Huawei as well as other enterprises. The company recently released a series of hardware development tools and software with its partners to achieve self-sufficiency for its hardware tools.

In addition, on March 19 of this year, Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei, mentioned at a meeting that Huawei has made its own management system “MetaERP” with its own operating system, database, compiler and language. The ERP (enterprise resource planning) software covers all aspects of enterprise management, including supply chain, procurement, sales, order, delivery, inventory, finance, customer relations, human resources and so on.