Huawei Unveils New Nova Series Products, Smartwatch & Camera

Huawei unveiled on July 18 the newest products in its nova series, nova 3 and nova 3i smartphones, at a product launch in Shenzhen where Nova series’ new brand ambassador Jackson Yi, from the popular Chinese boy band TFBoys, also showed up.

Huawei launch event in Shenzhen
Huawei launch event in Shenzhen. Image Source: Huawei weibo.

Founded in 2016, the nova series has gathered over 40 million users in its fan club worldwide. It is one of the Huawei’s three flagship series, along with the other two of P series and Mate series. Four nova products now being found for sale, the most recent one in the series is the nova 3e smartphone released earlier this year.

 Four nova products now being found for sale
Four nova products now being found for sale. Image Source: Huawei weibo.

The nova series targeting a younger generation of consumers has always been known for its colorful designs and selfie-taking abilities. The new nova 3 comes in four colors of blueish-purple, black, light blue, and a unique yellow an inspiration drawn from the yellow primrose flower. The new phone is made out of glass front and back, with a weight of 166 grams and a maximum thickness of 3.55 mm.

Huawei Nova 3
Huawei Nova 3. Image Source: Huawei website.
Four colour of Huawei Nova 3.
Four colour of Huawei Nova 3. Image Source: Huawei website.

Nova 3 spots a 6.3-inch screen with an iPhone X-like notch at the front and a circular fingerprint sensor at the back. It runs on the Kirin 970 and has 6GB of RAM with two options of 64GB or 128GB for storage. Like the recent release Honor Play, the new nova 3 is also equipped with GPU Turbo technology that will enhance video watching and mobile gaming experiences. Its battery size is only 3750 mAh.


Kirin 970
Kirin 970. Image Source: Huawei website.

The most impressive feature of this new phone, however, is its cameras. The new nova 3 has four lenses, two on each side. In the front are two horizontally aligned lenses with 24MP and 2MP sensors, as well as an infrared camera that will enable face unlock even under low-light conditions. At the back are two vertically aligned lens with a 24MP color sensor, a 16MP black-and-white sensor, and apertures of f/1.8. The camera also includes a special “short-video” function and AI-enabled special effects.

Face unlock function of Huawei Nova 3
Face unlock function of Huawei Nova 3. Image Source: Huawei website.

Nova 3i was the second nova product introduced at the event. It is available in black, white, and the same bluish-purple. It has the same screen size as the nova 3 does but uses the Kirin 710 processor which is the first of the 700-series Kirin processor to be used in the phone.

Two other products released at the product launch were the Huawei B5 smartwatch and Huawei 360 camera. The B5 smartwatch can be used as a bluetooth earphone during a phone call, and it monitors user’s sleep as well as stress levels throughout the day.

Huawei Nova 3 poster.
Huawei Nova 3 poster. Image Source: Huawei weibo.

Nova 3 is priced at 2999 yuan($450) for the 6GB + 128GB version, while the nova 3i is priced at 1999 yuan for the 4GB/128GB version and 2199 yuan for the 6GB/64GB version. The B5 wristband cost between 999 yuan and 1499 yuan while the 360 camera costs 599 yuan.

The nova 3 and the wristbands will be available starting tomorrow in China and the nova 3i on August 10.