Intel and Bytedance Join Hands to Build an AI lab

U.S. chipmaker Intel and Chinese Internet group Bytedance launched their joint AI lab on August 22 in Beijing, aiming to leverage both strengths to promote AI innovation.

Intel will offer advanced hardware and software products in computing, storage and networking while Bytedance will promote technological innovations and applications in areas including big data and artificial intelligence, according to Liang Yali, general manager of influence sales group at Intel China.

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“The integration of leading technologies and innovations brings more value and more exciting experience to enterprises and users, which is the common goal of Intel and Bytedance,” said Liang in her keynote speech at the event, introducing the details of the strategic cooperation between the two companies.

Bytedance has put AI technology at the heart of all its content platforms including Toutiao, the country’s largest AI-powered news aggregator as well as TikTok. Bytedance has always excelled at utilizing machine learning algorithms to process the large amount of engagement data acquired through its various products.

In 2016, the Chinese Internet company established its own AI lab that focuses on natural language understanding, computer vision, machine learning, human-computer interaction and more. The company also has ambitions to use AI to create personalized commentaries for sports games, as MIT technology review reported.

The daily data processing capacity of Bytedance is greater than 50PB, with data storage exceeding 1500PB, according to Yang Zhenyuan, vice president of Bytedance. “The infrastructure is a strong support for the continuous development for the company. With in-depth cooperations in data center infrastructure and software optimization, more AI-powered products will come into being,” said Yang.