JD.com Expands Logistics Coverage Through Robot Deliveries, Starting with Schools

JD Logistics successfully made its first unmanned delivery using a company-designed delivery robot at the Chengdu Industry and Trade College (CITC) of Sichuan Province On Oct. 22.

“I was surprised to be greeted by a robot when I received a text saying that my package has arrived,” the first client of delivery robots, a CITC student explained, “I used to have to walk long distances in order to pick up a package. Now that we have unmanned drones, it really makes life a lot easier.”

As JD.com continues its expansion and coverage across all parts of China, the range of the company’s delivery also increases exponentially. This is a challenge that JD.com has been trying to address with unmanned delivery drones and robots.

An engineer from JD Logistics indicated that the delivery robot was designed to enhance logistics efficiency, include remote regions that weren’t available, and lessen deliverymen’ workload.

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Yesterday, a NBD reporter witnessed the JD Logistics robot loading up packages from the distribution center, navigating through the pre-determined course of transport, and dropping the packages off at the designated locations.

The robot is equipped with GPS positioning and a monitoring system with a panoramic view of the surroundings, so as to accurately sense changes in the surrounding environment and prevent traffic accidents. It can also make intelligent behavioral decisions through continuous deep learning.

JD robots delivery
JD robots delivery (Source: NBD)

At present, the volume of express deliveries is increasing day by day, putting a lot of pressure on the logistics industry. It is estimated that the express delivery business will reach an aggregate amount of 70 billion deliveries in 2020, with an expected income of close to 800 billion yuan.

From 2018 to 2020, the compound growth rate of express deliveries was 19.5 percent, and the compound revenue growth rate of the revenue was 15.4 percent.

JD Logistics CEO Wang Zhenhui said at the 2018 Global Intelligent Logistics Summit held on Oct. 18 that, “JD Logistics will offer an improved delivery service to customers, the society, and the industry by enhancing intelligent logistics through smart systems, unmanned drone technology, and big data supply chains.”